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Warfare Event Policy

From Auraxis

Attendee Policy

General Policy

This policy applies to any Warfare Department event.

1. You may be required to join a voice channel for any Warfare Department event.

2. You may be required to confirm that you can hear and understand the host during any Warfare event.

3. You may be removed from any Warfare event at the discretion of the event host if you fail to comply with orders or instructions.

4. If you purposely derail an event, distract the team, or throw a competitive event, you will be immediately banned from Warfare Department events and divisions and suffer XP deduction.

You will additionally become blacklisted within all competitive divisions such as Dragonguard and Ravenguard. You may also receive severe punishments in IFA such as: XP deduction, demotions, ranklock, discommendation, or exile.

Please note that restrictions on 'throwing' only apply to clans that are competitive with IFA. If a superclan with unskilled players raids us, such as TNI normals during an "assault operation", the defense leader may purposely decide to throw the event & instruct attendees to perform noncompetitively. This is allowed for the fun of everyone involved. Most likely, individuals will not need to throw a defense against these kinds of clans as the ratios would be adjusted to significantly favor the raiding group.

Microphone Policy

You are not required to speak or use a microphone within Warfare Department events, unless you are an event leader. Speaking is highly recommended if you want to be noticed by Warfare Department officers and/or Dragonguard.

  1. You must not distract or speak over the event host as they issue orders, instructions, or callouts. Try not to introduce random topics of discussion within a competitive event VC.
  2. You must not purposely abuse the communications system. You must not play excessively loud noises or scream into your microphone. You may not use a voice changer during competitive events without permission from an Admiral+.
  3. To the best of your ability, you must speak clearly & concisely while issuing callouts and orders.
  4. You must remain muted if spectating an event or are otherwise not in game. Only those who are actively attempting to pend into the server or those given permission by the event host/event leader may speak if they are not playing.
  5. You must remain muted in rally and ceremony channels unless given permission to unmute and speak.

Elitism Policy

IFA's policy towards elitism is as follows:

IFA is anti-elitist by nature. We actively train newcomers into fighters and leaders competent enough to win defenses. We allow servicemembers to attend defenses as long as they have attended a defensive training before.

All IFA members are allowed to spectate and watch an event stream in Discord as long as they aren't impeding the flow of an event. An event leader may permit a few players to be in game on a spectator/penders team to get priority if a participant needs to leave or needs to be switched out for any reason.


Subbing is the elitist phenomena of dismissing a player who is performing poorly during at competitive event and replacing them with a more capable player.

Subbing is highly demotivational for the subbed-out player and often results in them never improving or playing in a defense again.

IFA Warfare Department highly dissuades subbing out players due to its anti-elistism policy.

After an event has started, defense leaders are only permitted to sub (replace) players who are not following orders, have gone AFK (including leaving the voice channel for any reason), are purposely throwing, or need to leave during the event.

Prior to an event starting, event leaders are allowed to pick a team that's balanced against the opposing force's team. This is not subbing.

Note that subbing participants in IFA is mostly disallowed according to the following event-specific polices:


IFA does first-come-first-serve at bases as often as possible. All defenders must be in the proper voice communications channel before joining a defense server. As stated above, attendees must be able to verify they can hear the host/defense leader. If an attendee fails comms check or VC check, they should be promptly kicked from the game.

Defense leaders may choose to dismiss servicemembers who have never attended a defense, defense simulation, or defense training before.

Defense leaders, especially Dragonguard defense leaders, are permitted to rally prior to scheduled defenses and pick the team they want to defend with, however this isn't recommended because Warfare Department wants to let regulars get a chance to play.


Raid leaders will always rally prior to deploying. Raid leaders will pick a competent team of listeners and microphones before deploying. This is because raids and scrimmages are often much more difficult and require more communication than defenses.


Scrimmages are more competitive than raids as they are often against clans who have been scrimming at a scrim map for years. Scrimmages would often be hosted within Dragonguard, but if they are hosted within Warfare Department, event leaders may choose players who have good aiming, speaking, and listening skills.


These are training and practice events so it makes no sense to dismiss members for competitive reasons. Note that all teams need a mic leader otherwise no experience is gained during D-SIMs.


The competitive clanning elites division of IFA is expected to use elitism as a necessary evil. IFA Dragonguard is allowed to dismiss and sub in members at any Dragonguard event, including defenses taken by Dragonguard defense leaders.

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