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Note: This page primarily discusses its contents from an operations point of view.

The Warfare Department of the Combined Fleets of Auraxis is the department responsible for handling most competitive events against other clans and training Auraxian servicemembers in the art of third person competitive gunfighting. Warfare is one of the two major Fleet Departments responsible for hosting events within the main group.

See the Warfare Department Hubfor more information on Warfare Department applications and opportunities.

Department Structure

As a Fleet Department of the Combined Fleets, Warfare has specific assignments for High Command, Officers, and NCOs within its structure.

Warfare Command

Warfare Department Command
Department Role Incumbent Responsibility
Director of Warfare Legate Astoriavx Sets Department plans and target goals, oversees the Department budget, recruits and manages Department staff, creates and maintains department programs, commissions, manages, and maintains Warfare facilities with the Adeptus Auraxis.
Dragonguard Liason Commandant 0/1 Coordinates with Warfare Department with competitive events, advises Warfare Department. Hosts or assigns joint Dragonguard-Warfare events.
Fleet Commodore N/A Leads a Warfare Department fleet with direct command over Centurions for an extended period of time.

Department Focuses

Warfare Department is organized into focuses. Each focus is responsible for hosting specific types of events.

Each focus is led by a Centurion who manages their NCOs. Focus NCOs are responsible for hosting the majority of Warfare Department events.

Centurions are responsible for recruiting their NCOs, assigning quotas, and evaluating NCO performance. Centurions report to the Director of Warfare. The Director of Warfare may assign quotas to each focus if necessary.

All Subcenturions and Centurions may be required to host defenses when no other qualified defense leader is available.

Warfare Focuses
Focus Centurion NCOs
Defenses: Focuses on taking defenses and preparing Warfare attendees to perform in them.

Competitive Events:
- Defenses @ Launchbase Val
DimmyPill [SNT] AgentFiery - Combat Practices
Training: Focuses on training the new members in the basic skills of gunfighting.

Training Events:
- Combat Training: Introduction to Gunfighting
- Combat Training: Gunfighting Skills
- Combat Simulations

Competitive Events:
- Defenses @ Moonbase, Dawn III, Launchbase (preferred hosts for Moonbase, Launchbase when competitive hosts unavailable)
Konvetur [SNT] Virmala - Defenses, DTs, D-SIMs @ Launchbase, Moonbase, Combat Practices

[SNT] 2020dogsnapper2020 - Combat Basic Trainings, spars/compracs, D-SIMs @ Launchbase, Moonbase

Warfare Simulations: Makes sure Warfare Department attendees have practiced the art of gunfighting.

Simulation Events:
Defense Simulations:
- Launchbase Val (I & II)
- Moonbase EWS
- All other bases

Combat Simulations
- Golden City Warzone
- Sareva Falls

Training Events:
- Combat Training: Positioning and Pushing
- Combat Training: Individual Skills Seminar

Competitive Events:- Defenses @ Launchbase Val
Dexus_GT [SNT] epl_0 - assign events
[SNT] JirkacCZ - Assign events here
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