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General Discussion Thread for Recruitment Topics

Effective recruitment strategies:

Discord recruitment strategies:

Discord post pasting

Put in order of how effective each ad seems

  1. bad/good, not sure if any successes yet - Office of the Emperor Imperis (talk) 15:28, June 29, 2022 (EDT)
 Imperial Federation of Auraxis

- Who needs to shoot?? just throw grenades, heal your team, and stash antipersonnel mines behind doors and you'll still go positive
- Wanna shoot anyway? We will train you and let you participate regardless of your skill level as long as you listen. 
- Warfare Dept will start workshops soon. 

- we have very unique tech and a unique community that's lasted since 2017
- join now while u can still provide input on our 3 new bases before they release 
- you can help train newbies so this genre stops dying (again) 

**Other Stuff**
- we love our lore, check out which I just made last night!! 
- we are looking for more defense leaders before Warfare release. got a mic? join join join

Links to join:


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