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This list of common terms and abbreviations includes terminology used anywhere within the sphere of operations of the Imperial Federation of Auraxis. Please add any missing terms to this list, or let a Wiki Contributor know to add them!

General Terms

STS: Make a shoulder to shoulder line in front of the caller with 1 stud spacing between players.

SFL: Make a single file line behind the caller with 1 stud spacing between players.

RO: Reorganize the line or formation into rank order by uniforms, with the highest ranked attendees to the right of the line in an STS or closest to the caller in an SFL.

TC: Get in teamchat/use teamchat.

G OF #: Get in groups of #number.

PTS Locked/Unlocked:

While Locked: Do not speak without whispering the host/cohost for permission to speak.
While Unlocked: You may speak freely within teamchat, or global chat if no non-Auraxians are ingame.

VC: Voice communications/voice channel.

Arrow (formation): Get in a wedge formation with the highest ranks at the front.

Warfare Terms

RCL, SMG, Reaper-8s, IA, etc: Different types of clan guns.

GCC: Gun Clan Community Discord

CLRCOMS/"Clear comms!": Stop talking and let the event leader speak in a voice channel.

"+" in text chat: Heal me!

OOC: Out of charge (cannot heal you)

"cap": a capture point objective/terminal; most bases with more than 1 capture point will have specific acronyms for each cap.

See gunfighting terms for more specific clanning-related terminology.

Auraxis-related terms

IFA: Imperial Federation of Auraxis, our group!

CFC: Combined Fleets Communications, the Discord server for IFA military communications.

Core XP: Different types of experience points you have to obtain to rank up within IFA.

MAPF: May Auraxis prosper forevermore!

May we prosper forevermore! - Variant when "Auraxis" gets tagged by ROBLOX censor.

GILTROY: A war cry used when we win a competitive warfare event.

IFA:WAR, COL, DIV: Departments of the Combined Fleets - Warfare, Colonial, and Divisions.

IFA:SEN, DRG, AIM, EAG, RAV, BOM: Divisions of the Combined Fleets of Auraxis - Sentinels, Dragonguard, Imperial Marksmen, Eagleguard, Ravenguard, Imperial Bombardiers. Note: Dragonguard's acronym historically was "DG"

NCO: Non-commissioned officers - Ensigns and Subcenturions.

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