Launchbase Val/Classic

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Launchbase Fairzone Classic, originally named Launchbase Val is the original version of Launchbase made in 2020.


Rumors say that Launchbase Val #1 was built in a day. It was the first base made with Legacy ARC guns in mind and was the first base made for the class system.


Callouts are relative to Val Defense Forces team spawn.

Mission Control (MC)

Contains shield controls. Use teleporters to get up to the top floor.

MC Balc

You can climb on the outside of MC top floor to crossfire most of the map.


Left side of mid

Black/White/Orange/etc crates

Reference points within term to callout enemy player positions.

Auxiliary Access

Vents from right side to the bottom of the map where you can climb up the glowing ropes to get to the term floor.

Recon balc

Upwards teleport from Auxiliary Access.

Jump Tower

Right-mid of the map allows you to rally top drop.

Top Drop

Ring around the top of shield that contains an opening you can drop into. Best way to retake cap if you don't have shield control.


In a 7v7 we typically send 4-5 mid, recon goes to recon spot pushed up, one person has shield control. If the other team does a full or half team push MC we contest.

Full team MC hold does not work that well, we have won several defenses with no shield control whatsoever by brute forcing term through crossfire.

Recon is extremely important to limit offspawns.

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