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Launchbase Val

From Auraxis

This page primarily covers the most recent version of Launchbase Val II. For the 2020 fairzone, see Launchbase Fairzone Classic

Launchbase Val, also known as Launchbase Fairzone and LB1/LB2, are fast-paced raidable fairzones of Imperial Federation of Auraxis.

Both versions feature unique locations and mechanics such as Shield and Mission Control as well as classes such as the Launchbase-exclusive Firebird.


There are two Launchbase fairzones, Launchbase Fairzone Classic (2020) and Launchbase Val II. For Launchbase Classic and/or Remastered, see the Launchbase Fairzone Classic page.


Launchbase Val is the primary launching hub for interstellar and orbital rockets on the colony Val, a colony of the World of Varae. It is operated by the Val Rocketry Institute and patrolled by the Val Defense Forces.


Callouts for Launchbase Val II are organized into three directions: MC, Mid, and Elevator. Directions are relative to defender team (Val Defense Forces) spawn.


Large concave concrete bowl on the main floor outside shield. Bordered by Trenches.


Outcropping between mid and MC. LM - hardpoint.

Red tunnel

Straight tunnel going towards maintenence.

Shooting gallery

Right under LeftMid, allows left mid to directly see exhaust and bottom.

Manhole/LeftMid Drop

Allows you to drop into maintenence and conveyors (bottom).

Mission Control

Mission Control (MC) is the large control tower on the left of the map.


The top floor of MC includes the shield and iris control consoles. You can drop into F3 from MC roof or from MC grav lift.

MC Balc

MC Balcony is outside F3 and has a good vantage point. You can land on MC balc directly from gravcannon (in the crane at Rocket Tower)

Rat Vents

Vents you have to crouch behind F3 staircases to enter. Connects to MC roof & maintenence.

Main Vents

Connects F2 to F3 via grav lift, right in front of the F3 staircases.


Maintenence shafts right below MC building. Bottom left of the map.


Middle of the map, inside shield.

Rocket Tower

Includes grav lift pad. Press spacebar to stop grav lifting at any point.


On the 2nd to top floor of Rocket Tower. The mouth of the crane hides a grav cannon. Use it to fly over shield and land on MC roof on the left side of the map. You can cancel it while launching to land on F2 Shield, Leftmid, or even MC Balc.


BR - Hardpoint in mid.


You can climb in the crew compartment of the rocket through Bridge.


The big horizontal gate separating main from bottom/exhaust. MC can open/close it.

Mid Trench

Trench between spartan (walkway) and pipes.


Spartan or Red Walk is the circular fenced off area in mid that directly borders iris and main drop. Called Spartan because SpartanMonarch made the fence models for it.

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