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Imperial Federation of Auraxis

From Auraxis

Note: This page uses italicized text in paragraphs for information relevant to Auraxis' gameplay and/or community operations.

Imperial Federation of Auraxis
"May Auraxis prosper forevermore!"
AKA: Ave of Unity, Auraxis
Owner: deviaze
Type: Community-oriented gun clan
Colonial roleplay group
Description: Established in 2017 as an anti-elitist gun clan,
IFA is in its 4th era of activity.
Structure: Direct Leadership
Department Organization
Limited Representative Democracy
Divisions: Combined Fleets of Auraxis
Auraxian Imperial Marksmen
Adeptus Auraxis
Links: Imperial Federation of Auraxis
Discords: Combined Fleets Communications - Military
Twenty Worlds Community - Community

Imperial Federation of Auraxis (IFA) is a nation state, colonial roleplay group, and game development studio on Within the lore, IFA presides over the Ave of Unity, including the Twenty Worlds and all colonies and domains of the Auraxian peoples.

As of the 2022 Ave of Unity expansion, the term 'Auraxian' now only refers to members of the Auraxian species and subspecies, and the term 'Avan' is now preferred for Civilians, Citizens, and Servicemembers representing the federal state, Ave of Unity.

Estimates of the population of the Twenty Worlds reach as high as 247 billion, and overpopulated Worlds such as Releya may have tens of billion inhabitants each.


IFA uses a top-down leadership structure with final sovereignty given to its owner, deviaze. Day to day operations are handled via the Department System's NCO Corps of Ensigns and Subcenturions.

Effective control of the Ave of Unity is highly decentralized as each World retains its own planetary government and its own standing defense and expeditionary forces.

Each planetary government assigns Consul representatives to advance their World's interests within the Consulate of Aurax, the central nobility advisory body of The Ave. Major legislative and policy decisions are debated and ratified through Supreme Quorums of Auraxis in marathon lawmaking sessions that can last multiple days.

The head of state of the Imperial Federation of Auraxis is the Emperor Imperis, an elected official of high birth who earned significant multipartisan support within Supreme Quorums of Auraxis as a vocal and successful intermediary between conflicting parties. The Imperis is responsible for pushing decisive actions in the event of legislative stymie, a bureaucratic problem that occurs all too frequently within the central government.


Main Pages: History of Imperial Federation of Auraxis, History of the Ave of Unity

Major Worlds

The Major Worlds include Aurax, the moon of the ancestral homeworld of the Auraxian species, Athis, and Corin.


Main Page: Aurax
Aurax is the Crown World of the Imperial Federation of Auraxis and is the location of the head of state and all legislative bodies. Aurax's history spans thousands of years after it was first settled before the Second Exodus.


Main Page: Athis
Athis was the first successful colony outside the Auraxian Star System after it was established at the beginning of the Third Exodus almost 2,300 years ago. Athis has a population of around 13 billion and is most well-known for its artisans, philosophers, and scientists. The Athesian philosophy of query and quorum became a hallmark of Auraxian society over the last 350 years and now permeates all levels of Auraxian society, from Supreme Quorum decisions at the heart of the central government to important discussions at the local and family levels.


Corin is the major economic hub of Auraxis with many of the wealthiest cities in the Twenty Worlds. Its surface is covered in residential and corporate spires that can reach 200 floors high, massive public transportation systems that can transport passengers across continents in minutes, wide hovercar ownership, and constant spaceport and skylane traffic across the globe. Its population is around 65 billion permanent residents, with around 1 billion living in orbitals and another 7.5 million commuting to and from the surface every day.

As long-standing Major Worlds, both worlds have significant power within the political and legislative bodies on Aurax. Due to the drastically different policies of Corin and Athis, Supreme Quorums of Auraxis often get gridlocked between the Major Worlds due to conflicts of interest.


IFA's military, while consisting of separate fleets in the lore, are combined in gameplay. Therefore, terms like 'Avan Military, Combined Fleets (of Auraxis), (Location/Auraxian) Defense Forces, Colonial Military/Militia, 5th Fleet of Corin, etc.' all mean the same thing in practice until Warfare Department decides otherwise. This does not mean servicemembers are allowed play as IFA Divisions they are not in, such as AIM, Sentinels, etc., when otherwise not permitted.

Each World contributes fleets to the Combined Fleets of Auraxis, the military machine responsible for defending known space against all threats, internal and external. The Combined Fleets is comprised of two separate military arms, the Exploratory Force and the Auraxian Defense Forces.

The Combined Fleets has three operational departments: Warfare, Colonial, and Divisions.

Warfare and Colonial Departments are responsible for hosting most events within the main group. View their Department pages for more information.

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