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Note: This page is regarding the history of the ROBLOX group Imperial Federation of Auraxis. If you are looking for the history of Auraxis in the lore, please visit History of the Ave of Unity.

The history of the Imperial Federation of Auraxis is composed of 4 different major eras of activity from 2017 to current day. The first ROBLOX group for Auraxis was made around 3140 CE (Post Third Exodus) and it is currently 3147 CE as of the Midnight Era (2022).

Founding of Auraxis (2016)

In 2016, Emperor deviaze (at the time, Bladeor) located the unowned group "The Imperial Federation" and founded Auraxis alongside founding Admirals AndrewValidusLupus, BungouStrayDogs13, and Ventique. At that time, Auraxis was conceived as a teaching powerclan that valued honor, integrity, and fought the "do-anything-to-win" attitude that was prevalent in the gun clan genre at the time. Auraxian Initiate Squadron was the 'filter' group at the time. During this era, Auraxis' main bases included Queron, Dawn III (ancient version of it), and the Capilleran Front.

Auraxis 1.0 (2017)

After a few clans started making fun of "The Imperial Federation" having two spaces in its group name, Emperor Imperis decided Auraxis needed a different, more unique name. On February 16, 2017, Emperor Imperis founded the Imperial Federation of Auraxis in the current group it is today.

After Auraxis allied Lunarim Empire and Audrex Empire in 2017, the Auraxian Imperial Marksmen quickly showed their prowess in defending our new allies. Scribes began to call the phenomenon 'Auraxis Carry' , as even a small squad of 2-4 AIM would save friendly Lunarim troopers from inevitable defeat. This is the era in which long-gone IFA veterans such as PresidentOFN00BS made names for themselves at Dawn III, performing feats such as 3-5 hour patrols and solo-clearing Dawn III tunnels with just a sword.

Spade War

In the beginning of summer 3142 (2017), a terrorist insurgency destroyed the Corinian Atrox-class warbird CRW Valeya in orbit of Dawn III and launched devastating raids on the planet's surface, slaughtering hundreds of Auraxian servicemembers and Dawners. In response to this outrage, Auraxis immediately declared war upon xChrisDolmeth's Spade Armament for committing these heinous acts. Auraxis won the first few initial raids at the enemy's Valley compound, but the tides of the war turned after the Spade insurgents figured how to set up unbeatable crossfires on the mountains outside Dawn III Colony.

At the time, Dawn III was not the base it is today, to the extent that Admiral Aedifex Rio Mauruu (EmeraldSlash) famously quoted Auraxis Centurion Ashumii:

"(Centurion) Ashumii, on the balancing of Dawn III: 'Like if the raiders and the fort were dating, we'd be getting domestically abused." - EmeraldSlash[1]

At one point during the war, there even was a glitch with our Augerors that caused an additional +2 damage to be added to your damage-per-shot every time you pressed V (to switch the fire selection mode). Of course the insurgents realized this before the Auraxian Defense Forces did, so our defenders were trapped in spawn for the whole defense at Dawn III.

Legend has it that during the Spade War, Fleet Admiral of the Auraxian Defense Forces Aniketos Spadis was an expert mercenary for Spade Armament and slaughtered many Auraxian servicemembers before his platoon surrendered to Dawners late in the conflict. These rumors are unsubstantiated and are wholly irreconcilable with the fact that Fleet Admiral Aniketos Spadis is biologically Caprisian.

Lore Connection:In the 2 years that followed Auraxian retreat from the surface of Dawn III, the indigenous Dawner population managed to mount a successful resistance campaign that uprooted the Spade Armament insurgency through many small guerilla actions. Spade was unable to mount any significant threat to Defense Forces Orbital Overwatch, so the Atrox-class warbird CFW Trizanti remained in orbit and provided precision orbital strikes to assist the Dawner resistance movement. A contingent of Auraxian Sentinels remained stationed near the planet's north pole and provided training and indirect fire support for Dawner operations in the snowy region of Khasn.

In late 3143, Auraxian reinforcements made planetfall on Dawn III and recaptured Dawn III Colony with no resistance.

Auraxis 2.0 (2018-2019)

Auraxis 2.0 was the era in which IFA released an updated version of Dawn III and the all-new Eclipse I. During this era, the main training places shifted from the Convex to Facility Areya (on Athis) and Golden City Warzone. During this era, we used brand-new gun scripts with multiple configurable beam selection modes, allowing users to decide which situations required Triple Narrow or Triple: Wide in combat. The Augerors of this era directly inspired today's Augerors which are similarly triple-barreled like their predessessors.

IF/A (2020)

IF/A, or IFA 3.0, was the era in which Auraxis became more competitive within the gun clanning genre. Admiral Aedifex Rio Mauruuru (EmeraldSlash) and Imperis developed a best-in-class gun system and class system for our then brand-new fairzone, Launchbase Val. Val was an instant success, and IF/A's activity hovered around 7-10 per event with the most stable activity compared to previous eras. During this era, IFA won Launchbase defenses against top-tier clans such as The Prime Syndicate and Valania under the leadership of defense leaders such as Subcenturion Konvetur and Centurion Oh_vir.

After over 50 Launchbase Classic defenses, interest in IFA slowly fizzled out as Imperis went inactive to focus on college and Oh_vir disappeared after cheating allegations.

Against all odds, activity survived into 2021 due to leadership of Legate josiaze, Subcenturions Dabmasterkillers12 and w_plop, and other NCOs who organized Launchbase and Dawn III defenses months after Imperis went inactive.


Between 2020 and 2022, Emperor Imperis (now deviaze) had continuously been updating IFA tech in preparation for larger projects such as Dawn and new bases. Prior to Midnight, major updates were made to pre-2022 ARC Guns the class system, vehicle systems, and more. Dawn III received major map updates that made it a classic retro fort that could now be defended with smaller patrols.

deviaze was significantly assisted by loyal members such as not1rising10I who helped test updates daily when no event had been hosted in months.

In late 2020 or 2021, deviaze additionally created the first versions of the uniform and duty coats for the Combined Fleets of Auraxis.

Midnight (2022)

In January 2022, Emperor deviaze started working on a brand new, next-generation UI and tech system for IFA. In early 2022, they officially changed IFA's acronym from IF/A to IFA.

Starting in May 2022, the Emperor Imperis began hiring a team of 20 developers to the Adeptus Auraxis and began working on facilities such as Launchbase Val II, Moonbase EWS, and Sareva Falls.

Auraxis.co, Auraxis Wiki, Core Database, and the AURCORE Discord Bot were created and implented during this time.

Unfortunately, due lack of developer retention, Midnight progress slowed considerably and did not meet its June or July release timetables. It is hoped (as of 7/28/2022), that an early release of Launchbase Val II will jumpstart IFA activity and will naturally result in more motivation for developers other than deviaze to work on IFA.

Renamed to Ave of Unity (2022)

Main page: History of the Ave of Unity

On 10 November 2022, deviaze renamed IFA to Ave of Unity and changed the group acronym to 'AVE'. The Ave of Unity era would start the next day. Imperial Federation of Auraxis lasted for 5 years and 8 months.

  1. 2017-07-11 | Centurion Ashumii (now: Centurion Konvetur), Admiral Aedifex EmeraldSlash via Discord.
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