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Core XP

From Auraxis

Core XP is the Avan Unity's method of rank progression from Enlist to Legionnaire. We use different XP categories to ensure members contribute to all aspects of our clan and community—not just in only Warfare or Community events.

Each rank has specific XP requirements which must a servicemember must fill before they advance to the next rank. Please note that completing one's XP requirements is only the minimum requirement for the next rank; Officers and HICOM have the final decision on when a servicemember gets promoted.



These are not slash commands, just type them in like a normal message. Yes, the prefix is #.
#xp <roblox username?> 
    -- gets progress for current rank. Username not needed if CORE Verified.

#txp/#totalxp <roblox username?>
    -- gets progress for current rank and total XP. Username not needed if CORE Verified.

#award/#addxp <roblox username1> <roblox username2>... <XPType1>:<amount> <XPType2>:<amount>...
    -- awards users with certain XP types of amount. Note that XP Types have to be capitalized. 
    -- ex. #award Dabmasterkillers12 deviaze not1rising Competitive:5 Citizenship:1 Combat:6


The different types of Core XP are categories by Departments: Warfare, Colonial, and Community, and by a separate miscellaneous Citizenship category.



  • Awarded automatically by CORE Midnight, if applicable. Represents the user's skill with our AVARC gun technology.

Disused currently as of July 14, 2023.


  • Awarded for combat performance and practice. Hosts may award individuals additional Combat XP for exceptional event performance, and are encouraged to award extra XP for competitive (external events) victories.

Useful for: All Core XP ranks.


  • Awarded to Avans representing the Twenty Worlds against foreign adversaries, and in rare cases, preparing oneself to do so. This XP category may only be awarded for raids, defenses, scrimmages, or incursions.

Useful for: Lancers, Guards, Vanguards+. Necessary for consideration in Dragonguard, Auraxian Imperial Marksmen, and Eagleguard.

Warfare Internal Event XP Rewards
Event Description Hosts Combat Competitive Knowledge Leadership
Spars/COMPRACs Any Ensign+ 2 / hr N/A 2 maximum; if anything taught or learned. N/A
Defense Trainings (DT) Defense Cert., any Subcenturion+ 3-5 N/A 8-10 Team leaders only if concurrent with D-SIM.
Raid Trainings (RT) Any Subcenturion+, Warfare Dept. 3-5 N/A 8-10 Team leaders only if concurrent with R-SIM.
Defense Simulations(D-SIM) Warfare Dept., any Subcenturion+ 5-6 N/A 1-2 Team leaders: 1-3

(with active comms and split VCs)

Raid Simulations(R-SIM) Any Centurion+, Raid Cert. 6-8 1-2 (if playing on a fast-paced scrimmage map) 1-2 Team leaders: 1-4 (with active comms and split VCs)
Individual Skills Trainings

(Limited to 4-5 attendees max.)

Raid/Defense Cert., Warfare Centurions+ 5-10 N/A 5-12 N/A
Combat Trainings(CT) Subcenturion+ 6 N/A 1-3 (regular)

4-8 (if skills sessions emphasized)

Basic Combat Trainings(BCT) Subcenturion+ 4-6 N/A 1-2 for experienced attendees,

10-15 otherwise.

1-5 for experienced attendees.
Warfare External Event Rewards
Event Host Combat Competitive Knowledge Leadership Citizenship
Defenses Ensign with Defense cert., any SNT+ Win: 8-10

Loss: 6-8

4-8 2-4 For Enlist-Vanguard: 1-3 if demonstrated. 1-2
Raids Ensign+ with Raid cert., any Warfare Centurion+. Win: 10-15

Loss: 10-12

10-15 1-5 For Enlist-Vanguard: 2-5 if demonstrated. 1-3
Scrimmages Warfare Centurion+ 6 6- 3 For Enlist-Vanguard: 2-5 if demonstrated. 1
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