Combined Fleets of Auraxis

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The Combined Fleets of Auraxis comprises all the military forces of Imperial Federation of Auraxis.

The main Fleet Departments of the Combined Fleets include the Warfare Department, Colonial Department, and Divisions Department.

The number of representatives a World is allowed within the Consulate of Aurax is determined by its contributions to the central government via the Contribution System. For each fleet a World contributes to the Combined Fleets, it is allowed an additional representative in the Consulate.

Each World is responsible for procuring ships, equipment, and personnel for its fleets. Some Worlds, such as Releya and Arann, fully equip and staff their fleets with their World's dedicated shipyards and foundries. Other Worlds often outsource shipbuilding to Arys and training and armaments to Hase. Regardless, a World must fully fund a fleet's creation for it to be counted as Contribution.


Any civilian or citizen may become a servicemember and be promoted to Enlist in IFA by doing any of the following:

  • Enlisting in Combined Fleets of Auraxis.
  • Wearing a military uniform.
  • Defending for the Auraxian Defense Forces or any local World or Colony's Defense Force. Any Civilians who attend Warfare Department events are considered conscripted into the Combined Fleets immediately.
  • Being conscripted into any military of the Twenty Worlds.

Any servicemember may request an Inactivity Notice for valid reasons. Ping or DM a Centurion+ in Combined Fleets Communications to request this role.

Any servicemember may leave or be discharged from active duty by doing any of the following:

  • Requesting discharge from the Combined Fleets of Auraxis.
  • Leaving Imperial Federation of Auraxis.
  • Being subject to a court-martial or disciplinary action.
  • Being banned or blacklisted from Combined Fleets Communications.

Any Admiral may discharge, ban, blacklist, or mark kill-on-sight any IFA servicemember or civilian at their discretion

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