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From Auraxis

The Codex of the Combined Fleets of Auraxis is a directory of information useful for all servicemembers of IFA.

This page may be quickly accessed via redirect from, and may be quickly indexed and searched through from Discord via AURCORE's #info codex command.

Check out the common abbreviations and terms used in IFA if you're confused about any terms used!


Terms and Conditions

These are policies every player implicitly agrees to by joining any IFA game or IFA-related platform on or off the website.

- Terms and Conditions

- IFA Discord Policy

Military Regulations

These are the regulations servicemembers must follow at all times while on or off duty.

- Laws of Auraxis: Moral code for all citizens and servicemembers.

- Military Code of Conduct: Defines how members must act while representing IFA.

- Uniform Policy

- Event Policy


Rank Progression

- Enlist Guide: New member? Follow this guide to learn how to progress within the Combined Fleets!

- Core XP: Rank up within IFA through the Core XP System!

- Citizenship: Earn your citizenship within IFA to become a Guard and secure your right to call yourself a true Avan!

- Departments: Pick your career within the Combined Fleets of Auraxis!

- NCOs: Host events within IFA within your department or division!

- Officers: Become a leader for IFA, leading our departments and divisions towards a bright future!

Event Guides

- Warfare Event Guide

- Colonial Event Guide


- Sentinels: Military police, investigative, and oversight division.

- Dragonguard: Competitive gun clanning elites division.

- Imperial Marksmen: Heavily armed, high mobility rapid response strike force.

Eagleguard: Personal guard of the Office of the Emperor Imperis.

- Adeptus Auraxis: R&D Division of IFA.

- Ravenguard: Traditional (swords) combat division of IFA.


- Auraxis Wiki Info

- Core Midnight: Documentation for IFA's technology.


Note: Report personal misconduct such as harassment, abuse, stalking, and real-life questionable or criminal behavior to an Officer via Discord DMs immediately.

- Misconduct Form: Report a user for breaking IFA group-specific regulations.

  • Use divisional misconduct forms for breaches of division specific regulations, not the Misconduct Form linked above.
  • Do not report personal harassment, abuse, stalking, etc. via the Misconduct Form, report it to an Officer or High Command member immediately.

- Commendation Form: Nominate fellow servicemembers for going above and beyond in the service of The Ave. High Command+ may issue commendations without completing this form.

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