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Code of Conduct

From Auraxis

This is an official Codex document of IFA and describes important regulations and/or official group information.

You must follow the Code of Conduct while representing IFA on or off duty.

Duty Status

Servicemembers are considered on-duty when they are:

1. At any IFA game, with certain exceptions.

2. Attending any Department or Division event within IFA, excluding community events.

3. Wearing any IFA or IFA divisional uniform.

4. Representing IFA in an official capacity in an external community. This includes Discords such as the Gun Clan Community Discord.

5. Discussing in IFA Discords such as Combined Fleets Communications.

6. Recalled to duty by an Officer+.

Servicemembers are considered off-duty in all other circumstances, and specifically:

  1. Attending a community event.
  2. Playing as a hostile, civilian/citizen, or non-IFA team in any IFA roleplay game when not wearing an IFA uniform.
  3. Playing any random game on ROBLOX, especially when no other IFA members are around.

Being off duty does not mean you may disregard the Code of Conduct. You must follow the Laws of Auraxis regardless of duty status.


While on-duty, you must:

1. Wear uniform, or attempt to wear uniform, at any official on-duty event.

2. Follow all legitimate orders and instructions given by those who have authority over you in the command structure. This includes enlisted ranks above your own. You must follow all legitimate orders given by lower-ranked members if they are the designated event host or event leader.

3. Remain in team chat (/t) during any event where multiple teams are present. You must not speak to enemies during any external competitive event unless you are a Subcenturion+ or the designated event leader.

4. Not abuse or spam any communications platform in game or in Discord. Mic abuse and excessive loudness is also prohibited.

5. Use coherent English during events. You don't need to use perfect grammar, however you must use proper capitalization and punctuation when talking to a superior officer in text chat in game.

6. Follow all rules and regulations of communities in which you are representing Auraxis.

While on or off duty, you must:

  1. Follow all of the Laws of Auraxis and moral guidelines.
  2. Follow all Terms of Service of IFA, ROBLOX, and Discord.
  3. Not commit any action illegal or criminal.
  4. Not disrespect, verbally or otherwise abuse, or bully any user.
  5. Not commit any acts of treason.
  6. Not slander or disrespect IFA or any of its affiliates.
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