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Would you like to learn more about Auraxis?
Ave of Unity is one of the most unique[1] groups in the genre with a rich history and dedicated community. Just joined? See the quick introduction and take your first steps within the Avan community.

Important Documents:

Codex: The Combined Fleets Codex contains all the basic information servicemembers need to know before attending Avan events.

Please review the standards and regulations of the Combined Fleets of Auraxis before attending any competitive event.

Primer: Enlists, read your Primer so you don't get lost on the wrong side of the desert!

The Dawn Primer contains useful information, regulations, guidelines, and tips for Auraxian Defense Forces at Dawn.

Department Info

The Combined Fleets of Auraxis is split into three major departments which are responsible for the majority of events hosted within the main group.

Warfare Department

Warfare Department handles all competitive gun clanning events, such as defenses, raids, and scrims. Warfare Department hosts simulations and training events often to prepare Warfare Department members for actual competitive events against other clans.

Colonial Department

Colonial Department ensures imperial colonies such as Dawn are run effectively, safely, and in some cases... profitably. Colonial Department is currently a work in progress pending release of Dawn and other roleplay-centric games.

Divisions Department

Divisions Department ensures proper functioning and oversight of divisions such as Dragonguard, AIM and more. The Divisions Department itself is just oversight and a pathway for divisional officers to gain the necessary authority they need to host events which include the main group.

  1. 2022-06-29 | Claimed by Emperor Imperis Arius Trimarch (deviaze)
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